Privacy Policy

Booking form, the contact information is necessary for the delivery of flowers and sending messages on the booking confirmation to customers; we. Customer contact data is used and when it is necessary to contact the customer. However, this information is not used by sending individual letters or information about our company.

Your credit card numbers are not stored on our servers. Money from credit cards and bank deducted using Paysera or Paypal systems.

Paysera take special measures to protect your browser to not storing pages with credit card numbers or bank codes in your browser's internal cache on your hard drive.

The server vulnerable areas are secured by an encrypted connection between your browser and Paysera. Customer data visible only to the site administrator.

Neither the courier delivering flowers or the person receiving the flowers will not see any data other than delivery information and greeting on a postcard.

We use cookies (Eng. Cookies) to identify your visit to our web habits. Our goal - as far as possible to flesh out information based on your interests. Cookie - a small amount of information which our server sends to your computer's hard drive that website to remember you. This information may include data about how you use the web site, the computer's IP address, browser type, demographic data, and if you come to our site from a third party site, the page URL. You can always delete cookies from your computer's hard drive. You can set your browser so that it would not save cookies on your computer's hard drive.